Our equipment

At A & B Concrete Pumping, we only use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we get the job done efficiently and on-budget.


Concrete pumps

A concrete pump places concrete faster and more accurately with less labour than any other method.

Placing booms

Placing booms are ideal for multiple level construction projects such as highrise buildings, parkades, etc.


Telebelt conveyor

Telebelt conveyors place material accurately and have a working radius of 360 degrees.

Deck placers

Deck place & spider booms

Our fleet of specialized equipment includes deck placers (reach where boom pumps cannot) and spider booms (compact & flexible reach)

High pressure line pumps

High-pressure line pumps

More mobile than a trailer pump and more affordable than a large boom pump, they still handle the harshest of mixes.

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Used equipment

Browse the selection of used equipment we have available for purchase.

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