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A&B has a long established history within Western Canada and we'd love to share it with you

Servicing Western Canada since 1978

Bruce and Marylin Dika purchased their first concrete pump for just under $40,000 in 1978, in Fort McMurray at the end of the oil boom. At this point in time, pumping concrete was a seasonal practice, leaving the Dikas with loans on equipment and a shortage of work. Many companies did not survive, but the Dikas had a couple of ideas up their sleeve. They turned their fleet into logging trucks in the off-season and tapped into a still thriving sector of the economy. During summer months, the pumps went back on the trucks so they could maintain a steady flow of business year-round.

Residential construction was starting to pick up and ready-mix trucks and chutes were the common practice for new homes. Bruce and Marilyn pioneered residential concrete pumping by showing residential builders that pumping concrete can be a fast, feasible, and safer option than ever before! A&B started pumping walls which then progressed into the full residential package including footings, walls, basements, garage floors and exterior flat work like driveways, sidewalks, and patios. No one else was doing this at the time, and today residential concrete pumping is the norm.

Throughout the years, this method has not only saved lives, but also equipment, money and time. Since 1978, we have maintained our core values and have collectively chosen to make pumping concrete our single focus, providing our staff, employees, and customers with the highest level of integrity, safety, and reliability as concrete pumping professionals. “No job too big, no job too small” is our mindset.

Bruce and Marilyn retired in 2007, passing the torch on to their children, Lisa and Daryl. As part of a greater succession plan, they were joined by a new partner named Hutchinson Acquisitions, better known today as TACADA. It was the addition of Hutchinson Acquisitions and their business prowess that really pushed A&B to the next level, expanding across all of Western Canada and acquiring three other pump companies along the way. Since 2007, the Dikas and TACADA have continued to gain experience in the field of operations, maintenance, and customer relationships in the concrete pumping industry. Today, A&B and the Reach Construction Group are well known across North America and recognized as true concrete pumping leaders in Western Canada.

With the continued growth, A&B now falls under Reach Construction Services Group, who also operates Action Concrete Pumping (Interior B.C), P-Ban Concrete Pumping (Fort St. John) and Combined Concrete Pumping (Fort McMurray). We are the largest pump company in Western Canada, with our brands located in Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Saskatchewan, Fort St. John, and the interior of British Columbia. This growth would not have been possible without our people. We have continually employed young, energetic, and motivated employees, all while gaining valuable experience along the way. We look to continue to define the model for custom concrete pumping and build on what Hutchinson Acquisitions (TACADA) and the Dika family started many years ago.

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