Conforms 16-4Z Spider Boom

The 16Z is a cost-effective solution for all low-ceiling indoor concrete placements. The low 13’ 1” opening height allows for operations in most commercial, warehouse, and tunnel pours. The maneuverability of the track unit combined with the small outrigger profile allows for custom machine setups to match the jobsite dimensions, resulting in the maximum coverage possible.

The 74 HP, tier 4 Perkins diesel engine with flowthrough DPF allows this tracked unit to work indoors and in tunnels without inconvenient emissions service intervals. For non-flat applications, the Perkins can power the unit up
to 46% grade (25°) terrains and adjust for unlevel conditions
up to 20°. This tracked unit is also great for mobility on outdoor mat pours where a crane is not always available or cost prohibitive. 

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